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About Us

Shevyrev and Partners specializes in commercial law, in particular, in the defence of intellectual property rights in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Since the firm was founded in 2001, we have continuously expanded our coverage, in the services we provide and in our geographical range. At the current time we have offices in several Russian and CIS cities, these include: Moscow, St Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Kiev, Minsk and Almaty. Our lawyers and solicitors specialize in commercial, civil, criminal and administrative proceedings, as well as coordinating cases with judicial, customs and police bodies, specifically including the seizure of counterfeit goods. Our patent lawyers also register trademarks and other intellectual property, conduct license agreements, cession of rights, filing of exceptions and a range of other intellectual property related legal work.

Shevyrev and Partners is one of the leading Russian firms, whose activity is solely devoted to protection of intellectual property rights, and has an extensive and exclusive knowledge of this field. This allows us to offer our clients dynamic and tailored solutions to protect their brands, trademarks and other related rights at every stage of their business operations.

Our firm provides a full range of legal services for intellectual property rights including:

  • Trademark registration
  • Investigation and detection of counterfeit products and infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Trademark enforcement, preparation and implementation of anti-counterfeiting raids
  • Filing and Legal work with Customs and Intellectual Property Registers
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Licensing and franchising support, negotiation and drafting of licencing and assignment agreements
  • Acquisition and usage of domain names
  • Consulting on civil, criminal and administrative case proceedings

Additionally, as legal advisor on intellectual property rights to many of the largest multinationals in the Russian Federation, we closely cooperate with the relevant Russian authorities and enhance their awareness of counterfeiting market trends and our Clients interests through high-quality training, seminars, conferences and newsletters.

As a result, we are proud to contribute to our clients’ success in enforcing their intellectual property rights, dismantling illegal manufacturing sites and disrupting parallel import trading networks. Our partnership with each of our clients ensures an effective solution to ongoing counterfeit issues, allowing them to concentrate their focus on their business activities.


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