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Our Services

We provide a full range of services related to commercial law and IP rights. Our work is geared towards preventing the infringement of IP rights, protecting our clients when such cases occur, and enhancing the efficiency of the protection we provide.

Our services focus on consolidation of our clients’ intellectual property assets. Each service we provide constitutes a step towards the eradication of any risk of confusion in the customer’s mind between genuine and fake products. Thus, acting on the behalf of the IP assets’ owners, we effectively contribute to eliminating unwanted distribution channels.

By tracking any irregular product sold on the market, taking infringers of IP rights to court and destroying counterfeits, a company sends a clear message to any competitors operating unlawfully. Moreover, it helps secure customer loyalty, ensuring a clear and consistent quality of a company’s goods and services.

Although our approach is focused on full solutions, the services we provide can be subdividedinto the following key sectors:


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