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Our specialists can track any entity or person active in the distribution or sale of infringing products in the CIS and Russian markets.

IP Due Diligence

Our legal team assesses the appropriate legal routes and providing estimates for your IP assets, this includes information on the application and registration deadlines, categories of goods and services involved, worldwide implementation, status of administrative fees and their effective implementation and usage.

We possess all the means required to validate all the information related to an IP asset for its owner. We are able to present you with a clear picture of the legal strength of this IP asset and enable you to make an informed decision on your business strategy.

Use of Trademarks and Domain Names

Cyber-trademarks squatting imply a situation where an IP asset has been registered for the benefit of an entity other than its original owner. This situation is typically observed in countries where modern IP legal systems have come into force only recently.

A concrete analysis of the use of trademarks or domain names can reveal a lack of intent to support real business activity. In this case it is then possible to reinstate the rights of the original owner by cancelling any unlawfully registered trademarks or domain names.

Identifying Counterfeits and Parallel Imports

As IP specialists we are regularly involved in identifying fakes or goods which are not intended to be sold on the Russian market (including grey /parallel imports). We consider that our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ branding and logistics strategies to be an essential part of our legal expertise.

This position, combined with our clients’ trust, means that we are promptly made aware of the latest counterfeiting tendencies. Such knowledge is precious in terms of tracking, identifying and seizing - on the internet or from physical retailers - any goods which infringe a company’s IP rights.

Counterfeit Seizure and Destruction

Representing various companies, specializing in a range of different business spheres (e.g. electronic devices, food and beverages, fashion, luxury, pharmaceutical) we have developed a strong professional network with the official authorities in charge of the fight against counterfeit goods. This close collaboration allows us to be more efficient in the way we plan and conduct counterfeit seizures with help of customs and police officials.

These types of operation constitutes one of the first steps in identifying the sources and distributors of fake goods before initiating the procedure to bring about their destruction.

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