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Optimization of Marketing Activities

Advertisement campaigns, new product and website launches, and more generally the creation of new trademarks are all marketing activities related to IP law. The success of these operations highly depends on their full compliance with related IP, antimonopoly and business regulations.

A preliminary legal analysis of our clients’ projects enables them to evaluate legal risks, anticipate deadlock situations and elaborate a strategy to overcome any problems which might occur. As a result, legal optimization becomes a real opportunity to facilitate business processes for our clients, providing them with a clear plan for success in their activities with full legal compliance.

Audit of IP Assets

Because of their specific nature, IP rights are often not given sufficient attention by companies. This attitude may become detrimental as such rights need regular attention in order to maintain their legal validity. For instance, so that the owner has the legal right to defend his assets against counterfeit, a trademark has to be registered with a national IP office. Moreover, this right has to be maintained through the payment of renewal fees to State authorities, and protected from the registration of similar trademarks.

Our experience shows that many companies ignore these necessities and only start considering them when problems have already occurred. This approach is negative as the costs of salvaging the legal protection of an IP asset at the last minute are significantly higher than the fees for maintaining it on a regular basis. Furthermore, IP crisis situations are not always possible to resolve.

The team at Shevyrev& Partners is dedicated to analyzing a company’s IP assets, identifying weaknesses in their protection and providing solutions to fix the problem in order to guarantee your business continuity and safeguard your intellectual property.

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